An ERP strategy road-map is the process of creating an actionable document that will address pain points, gaps, and improvements, to help realize your visions for the future state or ERP capability.

ERP product selection can be a challenging task; given the fact that people, processes and technology are the influencing attributes to the final selection of an ERP product. TCP team will guide you through a step-by-step methodology to enable your organization to make the strategic, financial & conducive culture to select your new technology. With our long- drawn business & enterprise experience, we would look at your business requirement, financial & technical readiness to adopt new technology and design ERP road map.

We understand your Organization’s DNA

Pain Areas
Organizations that are in the process of acquiring new technology do outgrow your current systems and continue to use Excel sheets and manual functions outside the IT system to run the day-to-day business. We will deep dive into understanding your business pain areas, discuss & document those.

We mentor your organization;

  • To provide a crisp plan to eradicate the pain areas and build on adding value.
  • To understand and agree on your competitive advantages that ERP can deliver through required measures
  • To move in a more, logical, aligned manner in line with the well thought and developed ERP strategy.
  • Educate and align the executive and project team; People, Processes & Technology
  • Prioritize your needs and align the technology in your organisation’s overall IT Eco-system.